Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc. Is Built On Sisterly Love and Principle


Purity in the eyes of Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc means that you value sisterhood, that you will never forsake your sister, that you will honor our beliefs and cherish our journey. 

Purity for Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc  also means that we remain clean within the sisterhood and outside of the sisterhood.


There will be a four step application process to be considered for Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc. 
Each step has a $25.00 assessment due at the time of submission. The complete total to join Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc. is $100.00

LPX will allow six months to complete the entire process. Upon completion, the applicant will 
become a Cub and will be officially inducted into Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc.

Application process

Step 1. Application
Step 2. Essay 1-2 pages. (No more than 2)
Step 3. Community Resume
Step 4. References & Credentials (if applicable)


A. If the applicant has NOT completed each step during the six month period, the applicant will 
lose their funds and the application will be deemed declined. If applicant desires an extension, 
Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc will allow a 30 day extension based upon the applicants case. In 
order to receive an extension, this process must be done 15 days prior to the 6 month end date. 
If applicant desires and extension, applicant must submit in writing why an extension should be 

B. A woman without a cumulative GPA of 2.0 is unable to become a new member of Lambda Psi 
Xi Sorority, Inc. if enrolled in an institution of higher learning. Letters of acceptance, called 
Bids, will be given to each recruited member who meets the qualifications established by 
Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc. The sorority will also Issue a Certificate and Membership Card at 
time of Initiate Ceremony. The proper method of acceptance shall be explained and written on 
the bid.

C. Any woman who has completed any four year institution will automatically be deemed a Fox.

Purple Pearls

Purple Pearls is part of a Fox's identity. Pearls are sophisticated, complementary, clean, pure and essential to Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc's statement.

Debutante Program  

Ages 12-15
Debutante Young Adult

Ages 16-18
Etiquette/Debutant Program Lesson Plan

Application Fee: $75

Monthly Fee:      $35

Free for Legacies: (children of Sorority members)

This is a program honoring a select number of outstanding young women beginning at age 12.

Those who participate in the Debutante Program of Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc benefit from their connection to a select group of women who are high achievers and invaluable resources for life. Regardless of a Debutante’s chosen path in life, she will forever have access to former Debutante’s who can serve as mentors, friends and role models.

Involvement in the program provides a fun and memorable year, highlighted by The Debutante Ball. These funds provide scholarships.

Becoming a LPX debutante provides a lifetime of invaluable access to all Post Debutantes where friendships thrive and opportunities for mentoring, connections and networking abound.   This relationship, with the benefits it affords, is like no other.

Silver Foxes are women of grace and beauty who have reached the age of 60. 
These women follow the four step process and participate in all activities as well.
Silver Foxes are special to Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc. because they give women who have reached their "silver" years the chance to build new friendships, have traveling partners, advise through life and knowledge and to embrace a sisterhood that is brand new.

Would you like to become a Silver Fox?

Will you join us?

   Debutante               Silver Fox            Requirements            Application Process

To become part of our sisterhood, there are three different ways to pledge. 

Here are the three ways:

1.) Become a debutante

2.) Apply as a entry Cub

3.) Apply as a Silver Fox

Ladies over 18 must have completed High School or attained a GED. Although college is not a requirement, we encourage our sisters to continue their education. 

Three Entry Levels

We have 3 stages to Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc.

1. Cub

2. Fox

3. Vixen

Greek Letters

Greek letters are important to sororities. This validates who you are and what you represent.

The beauty about Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc is that we offer these letters to all women with a heart and soul that allows LPX to thrive. 


Loyalty Is Essential To The Sisterhood


Loyalty in our sisterhood means to bond without judgement. We are sisters and we wear our hearts on our sleeves for each other. 

Loyalty by definition means faithful. And faithful to the sisterhood we shall be. 

The Mystery Flower

Every sorority has it's flower. We only reveal our flower to those who are part of our sisterhood. 

Do you know this flower?

If should join us.