Loyalty Is Essential To The Sisterhood.

The purpose of the sorority shall be to develop plans for guidance and unity in action concerning our collective, personal and organizational goals.

The purpose of this organization shall be to unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting
friendship, to promote the moral and social culture of its members, to advocate volunteerism for the good 
of the community

             Jaqueline D. Tinnin


Ms. J.Tinnin, better known as "Jax" is a mother, professional and humanitarian. She believes that each person's purpose on this earth is to help whoever is in need. 
Her commitment to aiding those who are in need is one of her main priorities in life and enjoys being able to give back to her community. 
She is a college graduate and considers being a mother her greatest achievement. Her desire is to help build this Sisterhood into an effective and positive force for change for the commonwealth of all.

Brandi L. Ransburg


Ms. B. Ransburg is a mother, professional and humanitarian. Brandi majored in Social and Criminal Justice and enjoy's working with non-profits. Ms. Ransburg is from Detroit, MI and has seen first hand how poverty-stricken Detroit has become. Because of this, she wants to assist in community and world change. 
Brandi has been known to give the shirt off of her back and is extremely dedicated to those in need. She is a survivor/advocate of domestic violence and child safety. Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc. is her calling and is allowing her to direct her passion into the world in which she intends to save.

South Carolina

Ms. A. Jackson is a mother, thinker, and businesswoman. She is Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc's.
Southern Belle. Her goals are to unite sisters and spread the word to women around the world.  
She is 100% set on the belief that "Loyalty Is Essential To The Sisterhood". This southern belle also believes that sisterhood is a necessary asset to live.
Ms. Jackson's legacy is to motivate and empower, as well as being a devoted philanthropist. 

Adrienne L. Jackson

 Lambda Psi Xi Sorority INC. is governed by three women who believe that; "Loyalty Is Essential To The Sisterhood" 
The "Triple Vixens" have come together and are offering Greek letters to women all over the world regardless of race, creed or background. We believe that sisterhood extends beyond boundaries.
All three Vixens are dedicated to Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc. and have poured their heart and souls into the organization. 
LPX is growing everyday. There are chapters named for all 50 states and would like to recruit to fill open positions. 
The "Triple Vixens" work closely with the chapter presidents and are very involved in all aspects of Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc

Lambda Psi Xi Sorority, Inc Officers

Mission Statement